Belle Morte

from by Oliver the 2nd

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Final moments awaiting
hold your condolences baby
in closing, I wrote you this poem
I know that it's crazy
just thought you should know
I get a lot from your soul
but as time passes were fading

So here we are
Trapped in the amber of the moment

Let's be honest
tomorrow ain't promised
the sky is falling on us
society lawless
chaos on the corner
observe the disorder
far from heaven on earth
so i'm thinking further
talking benevolent essence
heaviest pressence
a song drifts in the distance
melody's pleasant
a foolish man is perfected
better from lessons
the lifespan of a legend
never affected
we levitate over sentences
till we breathless
then the audio bleeds
my mic goes cold
the audience leaves
we all grow old
I know its hard to conceive
the strong don't fold
or even bend at the seams
forget what your told
remember your dreams
as we crumble to dust
blow away in the breeze

Before you make it to the stars
just show the world everything you are
when it's all said and done
don't cry for me none
just celebrate what it was
know a nigga had his fun

Before you make it to the sky
just show the world everything thats fly
the thought of leaving ya side
brings tears to my eyes
but I gotta let it ride
If I ever wanna glide

Let's be honest
tomorrow ain't promised
the sky is falling on us
her heart is my solace
free forever, intertwined lovers
leave together
an just let it go
as the angels row
gently on this sailboat
we remain afloat
tip toe to that epic glow
at the soul gate
this is your fate
Belle Morte


from The Kill Off EP, released December 10, 2013
written by Oliver the 2nd
produced by Jeremiah Jae
mixed by Oliver & Jae

background vocals by Phil Perry
vocal arrangement by Oliver the 2nd



all rights reserved


Oliver the 2nd Fontana, California

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