Hater Marks

by Oliver the 2nd

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"This new ep of mine isn't about killin off rappers .. Quite the contrary. It's focal point is more so about annihilating what needs to go deep within yourself. Destroying all personal demons, doubts, & fears is the first step towards a new you, a rebirth - Oliver the 2nd (The Kill - Off) (2013) COMING SOON


Kill Off
All of Ya'll
Homicide on the really?!
Why you talking out the side of ya neck!?
Like you hiding a Hicky
Wise man once told Me
Fuck these Niggas
Get ya Game on, go play
Time is ticking
Side piece all in my face
Ex tryna get right back wit me
Said you should get one mo chance
But i'm Verso ho, not Biggie
I rock TI$A shit, not Dickies
I need a Diva, bitch i'm picky
Stuffing OG in my wood
Bending corners thru my city

Side piece all in my face
An she get so touchy-feely
She a nympho, wit no life
I'm a monster, wit no feelings
Jungle squad mob, no pity
Jungle squad mob, no pity
Got shooters all on yo head
on the Rooftop, of my building

[JJ bridge]
Kill off, all of y'all
Nigga, get yo bitch dog(3x)
Kill off, all of y'all
Bad bitch in Orival
Yea we in Normandy
Kill em all, like bundy


released September 25, 2013
Produced by Jeremiah Jae
Mixed by Jeremiah Jae
Additional vocals/lyrics by Jeremiah Jae



all rights reserved


Oliver the 2nd Fontana, California

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