Red Roses ft. Trenttruce & Jeremiah Jae

from by Oliver the 2nd

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You don't want no trouble
You don't want no trouble
You don't want no
You don't want no
You don't want no trouble(10x)

Red Roses all on their gravestones(16x)

[Oliver the 2nd]

Duck nigga get stuck in the pond
you ain't on the stuff that i'm on
you a punk i'm a Don, can't relate
you ain't never smoked a blunt wit ya moms
hit a lick with ya bros
chopped work in the car
totally hard
flame throw bars
burn down boulevards
roses all on they gravestones
posers pussy, they stay hoe!
had a pocket full of just say no
posted up by the pay phone
endless haze, this the end of days
friendly fades for all frenemies
indie'd out, so don't need a major
your contract just a piece of paper
skeletons with chains on
black leather, the days gone
dead bodies with consoles
making all of these strange songs
scary ain't it!? It's scary ain't it!?
pool of blood, all cherry ain't it?
creeped out, we faded
all Backwoods get cremated


Sippin' on sum blood
monsters show no love
cannibals in my posse
no one can find your body
probably in my feces
or in between some seaweed
shotgun hidden in a bouquet of roses
i'm soulless, don't get ya life stollen
I'll chop off ya head and go bowling
set ya spirit on fire, making godly decisions
Here take the whippin' of Death
Weak styles get killed off may God bless
Weak styles get killed off may God bless

[Jeremiah Jae]

Red Roses on they gravestone
roses on they gravestone
rose up out that great tomb
red eyes, that haze smoke
I can see your Halo
my click got that K lo
bodies out in Michigan
roll so deep, ya chick throat
on site they flip wigs
red roses keep on pilling
that blood on my peacoat
Squad bout to creep hoes
Ya bitch, don't wan't no problems
get bit in ocean waters
yea my fangs need that neck
turn you to a goblin


Red Roses all on their gravestones(16x)


from The Kill Off EP, released December 10, 2013
written by Oliver the 2nd, trenttruce & Jeremiah Jae
produced by Jeremiah Jae
mixed by Jeremiah Jae



all rights reserved


Oliver the 2nd Fontana, California

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